Neighborhood Preschool Scholarship Program 


Your dependent children are eligible for Wesleyan’s Neighborhood Preschool scholarship program:     

  • If your dependent son or daughter is enrolled in Neighborhood Preschool on at least a half time basis;     
  • If you qualify by working at least three-quarter time, 0.75 FTE (half time, 0.50 FTE, for faculty) when you apply for the scholarship and at the beginning and end of each academic term for which the scholarship is granted; and     
  • If your annual family income (adjusted gross income on IRS form 1040) for the previous calendar year is $90,000 or less (for two children $110,000 or less).     

Amount of Scholarship 

The amount of the scholarship is dependent on:     

  • Your annual family income;     
  • Whether a child is enrolled in the infant/toddler or the preschool program; and     
  • The number of hours a child attends Neighborhood Preschool or, more specifically, the percentage of the monthly full time fee that is paid to NPS.     

Neighborhood Preschool Scholarship (effective September 1, 2016) 

Annual Family Income 

Monthly Scholarship 



To $50,000 

25% of your monthly fee 

25% of your monthly fee 


20% of your monthly fee 

20% of your monthly fee 

For two children: 

To $110,000 

20% of your monthly fee 

20% of your monthly fee 


Scholarship Application 

Please complete the scholarship application and return it to 


Please contact with any questions.