Severe Weather Policy

Wesleyan University is fully committed to the safety of our campus community members and visitors. As a residential campus, we carefully balance the essential services we provide our students and staff with the need for altered schedules during severe weather conditions. Our general practice is to keep the University open unless the governor announces road closures, though we may occasionally delay opening administrative offices as safety dictates. All closures or delays are communicated through our email system, as we do not broadcast announcements on local radio or television stations.

Full Operation

In weather conditions where the University remains in full operation, employees should consider their own safety in determining when (or if) to report to work and should communicate their availability to immediate supervisors. Late arrival or working from home may be options for some employees (assuming job responsibilities are able to be carried out remotely) and should be discussed with direct supervisors. In cases where these options are not feasible, employees are required to use vacation, personal leave, floating holidays, or make up time lost during the same workweek.

Classes will be in session unless specifically canceled by the faculty member. Faculty are responsible for communicating canceled classes to their students and departments.

Limited Operations - Essential Staff Only

In severe weather conditions, the University may determine that only essential personnel should report to campus. The following departments will remain operational during periods of limited operations:

  • Public Safety
  • Physical Plant/Facilities (including grounds and janitorial services)
  • Dining Services

** Olin Library and the Science Library are open and staffed with students when available

Classes are canceled and all other department heads shall identify which limited services are provided and which staff are needed based on University and student needs. Supervisors and staff shall communicate with each other and make plans for covering limited functions when severe weather is anticipated. During periods of limited operations, employees who are not considered essential staff are paid based on their regular work schedule. Employees already on approved vacation, personal leave, floating holidays, or sick leave will still report that leave status.

Communication and Planning

Cabinet members shall ensure that direct reports and department heads review the severe weather policy with their staff. In addition, departments shall have department-level operational and communication plans in place during periods of limited operations.

Parking Policy

At 11:00 p.m. on any day prior to a snowstorm, all faculty/staff parking lots will close, with the exception of the V Lot on Vine Street and the 56 Hamlin Street parking lot. Faculty and staff with parking permits who would like to remain on campus beyond the closing time are asked to relocate their vehicles to the V Lot or 56 Hamlin Street. Faculty and staff who are traveling and out of town should use the Vine Street parking lot as a courtesy to colleagues. Faculty and staff may call Public Safety for a ride to and from the Vine Street lot at night if necessary. This policy does not apply to residential parking lots.