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Becoming an Honors Candidate

Seniors should declare their intention to be an Honors candidate to their department in their penultimate semester.  Steps within the department normally include: selecting a topic, arranging to work with a tutor, and registering for an Honors tutorial during the Drop/Add period.  In most cases, students must enroll for two consecutive semesters of thesis tutorial, the final tutorial being in the same academic year in which the student graduates.  

Begin by talking with the appropriate person in your major department during your junior year if possible.  Academic departments grant most Wesleyan honors, and students need to follow their procedures.  If you are a double major and want to write one thesis for consideration by both departments, you must have permission from each by having each Chair approve your senior thesis tutorial.

You are considered an Honors candidate once you are enrolled in the appropriate department tutorial.  Those not required to take a tutorial must confirm with their department that Susan Krajewski has been informed of their intention to pursue Honors by September 11, 2020.

A list of Honors candidates will be assembled from the class registration lists.  The list will be circulated to Olin Library and the departments (for verification) by early October.  You should expect to receive confirmation in early October from the Registrar's Office that you are a candidate.