Due to COVID-19, our office is working remotely. For the most prompt service, please view our staff contact page and send an email directly to the staff member who can best assist you.


Creating your PDF file: Please refer to GUIDELINES FOR CREATING A PDF FILE.  You may be able to create the PDF file from your personal computer or you can use any Wesleyan lab computer.  Additional information about submitting your PDF file in your portfolio will be sent to you. Please refer to the following document for your department's reader copy requirements: Reader Copy Requirements


Be sure that the computer program you use to create your manuscript is supported by the computer/printer on which you will print your reader copies. You may use your own printer to produce your reader copies,  print at a Wesleyan computer lab, or use an outside vendor.  If you print the manuscript on your own and photocopy additional copies for readers, we suggest that you print the manuscript that will be used to produce your readers copies from the PDF file you will be submitting to ensure that the reader copies and the PDF version are identical. 


There are many places in Middletown for you to make the appropriate number of reader copies (keep the original for yourself). Do not wait until the day before theses are due, because 200 of your classmates need to make their reader copies too, and the copy shops get bogged down. Each copy should be identical to your original, meaning there should be a title page on each, etc.