Due to COVID-19, our office is working remotely. For the most prompt service, please view our staff contact page and send an email directly to the staff member who can best assist you.


Fall Semester:

  • Make arrangements to begin a thesis/essay in your major department, and add tutorial DEPT409 (403 for essay writers) by September 11, 2020 through the Drop/Add system.  If your department does not require a fall tutorial, inform the chair or appropriate faculty member of your intention in writing, and give a copy to the department administrative assistant as well. Visit Olin Library: carrels, borrowing privileges, and "secrets" revealed
  • Begin or continue research on the topic
  • You will receive confirmation from the Registrar's Office that you are a candidate for honors in early October.  If you are not sure whether you are a candidate, check with Susan Krajewski in the Registrar's Office to make sure your name in on the Candidate list.
  • Construct, with the tutor, a timetable for writing and revising the work.
  • Stick carefully to the schedule as the semester progresses.

Spring Semester:

  • December completions must register their thesis early on February 9, 2021
  • Add tutorial DEPT410/Work in Progress through the Drop/Add system by February 9, 2021.
  • Complete writing or production
  • Departments select readers and notify Susan Krajewski
  • Prepare final copy for tutor's review
  • Schedule printing date with outside vendor (if needed) to make reader photocopies
  • Register an electronic PDF version of your thesis/essay through your portfolio (detailed instructions on uploading PDF files will be sent to you during the spring semester) by 4 pm on Wednesday, April 21, 2021.  You will need to indicate the total number of copies you will have printed and bound at that time; computer problems are not an acceptable excuse -  create your PDF copy early!
  • The Honors Committee requires each honors candidate to submit an abstract along with their thesis as part of registration. Students may incorporate an abstract into the PDF of their thesis but they should also save the abstract as a separate file. The registration screens require you to enter the abstract language separately so by creating the separate file, you can simply copy and paste the abstract language into the registration screens. 
  • After electronically registering your thesis/essay, immediately deliver any required reader copies to your department/program. Please note that reader copies will not be bound and will be returned directly to you by your department/program.
  • Honors decisions announced by departments by May 5, 2021.


Library carrels: Last year the library successfully implemented a new shared carrel system. Due to the pandemic, the library is currently reevaluating how they will assign carrels in 2020-2021.  Additional information will be provided to students once the plan is finalized.

Library 'Secrets' Revealed: One hour workshops disclose information that will save you time and energy as you research your topic.  It is recommended that Honors candidates take the time to attend a workshop, which will be offered in late September/early October.  Announcements of dates and times will be made in the Argus  or see a reference librarian. 

Borrowing privileges: See the circulation desk to find out about special borrowing privileges extended to Honors candidates.