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Registering:  Students pursuing honors are required to submit their honors thesis/essay electronically as a PDF file prior to the 4 pm deadline on Wednesday, April 21, 2021. 

You must register an electronic PDF version of your thesis/essay through your portfolio (detailed instructions will be sent to you during the spring semester) by 4 pm on Wednesday, April 21st. The PDF file will be used to print and bind copies of your thesis/essay for your department and library archives as well as any tutor/personal copies.

After uploading your PDF file, you must immediately deliver any required reader copies to your reader (or to the administrative assistant in the department/program, if your readers are anonymous).  Each reader copy of your thesis/essay must be in an envelope with a legible label that includes the following information:


Dept. Thesis/Essay is being submitted to:


You are responsible for making sure that the thesis/essay is in its final form when it is submitted as a PDF file.  Margin and title page formatting must be correct.  The PDF file and the reader copies must be identical. 

Keep the original copy of the whole manuscript for yourself in case more copies are needed. Candidates who write a thesis/essay to be evaluated by more than one department will need to submit as many copies as needed so all readers receive a copy.  Some departments where the tutor is not a reader (most notably English and History) expect the tutor to receive a reading copy at the same time as the evaluators.  It is the responsibility of the student to make sure enough copies are made and delivered to all readers.

You will be informed, prior to the thesis submission deadline, whether your department/program requires a one-sided or two-sided reader copy. Some departments/programs may only require a PDF version of your thesis for readers.  If your specific department/program only requires a PDF version of your thesis for their readers, you will be notified prior to the thesis deadline.

Please note that your readers may write on their copies.  Reader copies will not be bound.  These copies will be returned to you directly by your department/program. 

Registration Check List:

  • PDF version of manuscript uploaded to secure website.  Make sure that you leave yourself enough time to upload and register your thesis prior to the deadline. Depending on the size of your thesis, it may take some time to upload and then you will need to complete the registration process. Do not wait until the last minute to begin the upload/registration process. During the registration process, you will be asked to complete a thesis agreement for Olin Library, indicate what your shortened title should be for the spine of the bound copy, order the total number of copies to be printed and bound, and approve charges to your student account. You are also required to submit an abstract at the time of registration. The abstract can be appended to the PDF of your thesis but you must also enter abstract text in a required field in the thesis registration screens. 

  • Once you've completed the electronic registration process, deliver any required reader copies of the completed manuscript in manila envelopes, each labeled per above.

Late submission of theses:

Theses may not be submitted late.  If you are having problems, contact Susan Krajewski at the earliest possible time.  Computer problems are absolutely not an acceptable excuse for late submission of a thesis/essay.  Please do not create your PDF file at the last minute.  Create it early to make sure your thesis/essay meets margin requirements, tables and footnotes print correctly, image sizes are not too large, and that your title page is in the proper format.  You are responsible for adhering to these guidelines. The Honors Committee has published an official University policy concerning the Honors Thesis Deadline. Click here to review that policy in detail and how it may pertain to you and your particular situation. 

What happens once the readers are done with my thesis?: 

Department/Program recommendations for Honors are due by May 5, 2021.   You may check with your department/program  for results around this date.  Your department/program will return your reader copies directly to you after this time.  If you receive an honors recommendation, a minimum of two copies must be bound:  #1 will be stored in Olin Library, #2 will go to the department (AMST, CHEM, ENGL, GOVT, MUSC, NS&B & PSYC do not require a copy).  Most students bind at least one additional copy to keep for themselves.  You must indicate during thesis registration the total number of copies that you would like printed and bound, including any personal copies.

Corrections to Honors Theses Prior to Binding: There is a process in place whereby thesis writers may be allowed to submit limited revisions to their honors thesis prior to binding.  This process is controlled exclusively by the student’s major department.  Only thesis advisors and/or department chairs have the ability to open the thesis revision tool for individual students.  Students cannot initiate the process. The purpose is to allow students to rectify errors that the department deems essential prior to binding.  Once the thesis registration deadline has passed, thesis advisors and chairs will receive information advising them how to open this tool for students and the deadline by which the revised submission must be completed. Please note that the time allowed for submission of revised theses is very limited due to the tight binding schedule. Only one revised version of the thesis is allowed to be submitted.  Students should contact their thesis advisor to discuss the possibility of submitting a revised version of their thesis if necessary.