Changes to a class schedule after the initial drop/add period, including adding/dropping 4th quarter classes, require students to navigate to their "Class Schedule" in WesPortal and follow directions on how to correct their schedule. All requests will need to go through the workflow for consideration. Students will receive an email when the request is either fully approved and processed, or denied at any stage of the process. FACULTY can review pending requests by clicking on the link they receive via email or simply clicking this link.


PLEASE NOTE: Students are encouraged to make use of electronic enrollment requests to express interest in a seat in a class that is full.  Instructors will consult electronic enrollment requests to determine a student’s eligibility when a seat becomes available.  Students should remember that instructors will consider a variety of factors (e.g., class year, major and student interest) when offering a student a seat in the class.  Whereas, students are required to attend the first meeting of a class for which they have registered, attendance at the first meeting of an electronically requested class is not required in order to maintain the enrollment request.