Please note the Registrar's Office will be closed on Monday, May 29 in observation of Memorial Day. From June 9 through August 4, our office will close at noon on Fridays.


  • How do I get enrolled in a Permission of Instructor course?

    If the course is POI Pre-Reg:

    • Students should review the course's "Additional Requirements and/or Comments" in WesMaps and complete the application tasks as outlined by the instructor.
    • During Pre-Reg Planning, students should submit a POI request.
    • During Pre-Reg Scheduling, the program will enroll students in approved POIs and then evaluate the student's set of 1-7 ranked courses.
    • During Pre-Reg Adjustment, students should click the "Enroll" button once the POI request has been approved. Otherwise, students should submit the course as a ranked Drop/Add enrollment request.
    If the course is POI Drop/Add:
    • Students should review the course's "Additional Requirements and/or Comments" in WesMaps and complete the application tasks as outlined by the instructor.
    • During Pre-Reg Adjustment, students should submit the course as a ranked Drop/Add enrollment request.
  • What do I do if I have Oversubscribed Subjects and/or Categories?

    You should review your WesPortal>Academics>Credit Analysis Report for more detailed information. Also, you should contact your Class Dean, as they will be able to provide information and assistance. The Class Deans can be contacted at x2600 or on the 2nd floor of North College Hall. 

  • How can the number of Oversubscribed credits be different in the Summary and Subject tables?

    A single course can cause oversubscription in multiple subjects/categories. However, that course's credit will only count against you once. Therefore the Summary table lists the number of credits that are unusable. The Subject table lists the number of instances of oversubscribed credits. If you have additional questions, please contact your Class Dean, as they will be able to provide information and assistance. The Class Deans can be contacted at x2600 or on the 2nd floor of North College Hall. 

  • What do I do if the "You must Confirm your current classes and schedule before continuing" text is appearing?

    You are required to confirm your current term course schedule in order to participate in Pre-Registration Planning for the next term. Therefore, you are NOT able to build a plan until confirmation. So please click "Confirm your current classes and schedule," review your schedule, and click Correct or Incorrect. Please note that clicking Incorrect will permit access to Pre-Registration. Be sure to begin the petition process with your Class Dean if your schedule has an error. 

  • Do I need to rank my "Already Registered" courses in my pre-reg plan?

    NO. You are already enrolled in these courses, so do NOT include them. However, if you would like to drop one of these courses, it is recommended that you wait until meeting with your Faculty Advisor.

  • How can I reach the registration help line?

    The registration help line will be open each semester from the time that pre-registration opens until it ends, during normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. The phone number of the registration help line is x3222. You will be able to leave a message after hours, and we will be checking the voicemail messages throughout the day.

  • How do I navigate to pre-registration in my WesPortal?

    You may access the pre-registration system by clicking on Pre-Registration under Course Registration in your WesPortal. 

  • What is the planning period?

    The planning period is the first phase of the pre-registration period. During the planning period, you should identify courses you have an interest in and build a course plan, which your advisor must approve. You must meet with your advisor during the planning period to discuss your course plan and to have your plan approved before the scheduling program is run. If your course plan is not finalized before the scheduling period, it will not be included in the scheduling program.

  • How do I add ranked course selections?
    Once you have accessed the pre-registration page in your portal, you may add courses to your plan by navigating to WesMaps in the top half of the page, finding the course you are interested in, and clicking the "Add to My Courses" button, which can be found on the page of an offered course next to the section information. As you add courses, your course plan will be populated sequentially by rank 1-7 and unranked.
  • When I add a course selection, will the system check to make sure that I haven't been excluded from the course or that I have met the pre-requisites?

     When you enter your course selections the system will check for the following:

    • That your class year and/or major are not excluded.
    • That you have met the prerequisites or have submitted a prerequisite override form.
    • That you have submitted a permission of instructor form, if the course is a POI course.

    The pre-registration system will not check for time conflicts during the planning period. However, because students may not be scheduled in classes with overlapping times during pre-registration, the system will check for time conflicts when the scheduling program is being run and during the adjustment period.

  • How do I re-order the ranking of a course?

    To re-order the rank of a course, use the pull-down menu next to the course and select a new rank. The re-ordered course will appear in the correct order on your course plan. If you are moving a course up or down in rank order, the list will automatically be re-ordered. If a course is displaced by the renumbering it will move to an unranked position. 

  • How many ranked course selections can I add?

    You may add a maximum of seven ranked course selections. 

  • How do I update sections for multi-section courses?

    For courses which have multiple sections, you will need to indicate your section preferences when building your course plan. When you first add the course, you will need to click on "Add to My Courses" next to a specific section. Once the course has been added into your course plan, click on the "Section" button, which appears below the subject and catalog number of the course, in your course planning list. A box will pop up with all of the sections of the course. You can selecting multiple sections by holding down the Shift or CTRL key and clicking to select multiple sections. You can also select the "any" option if you do not have a specific section preference. Once you have chosen the sections you are interested in, click on "save changes" and the sections you have selected will appear in your course plan. The scheduling program will attempt to assign you to one of the sections. 

  • How does my advisor approve my course selections during the planning period?

    You will need to meet with your advisor during the planning period to have your course plan approved. Advisors must approve an advisee's course plan before it can be included in the scheduling program.  

    Your advisor will navigate to Pre-Registration in WesPortal and click on the row that has your name in it. This will open up a page with your pre-registration course plan. After your advisor has clicked the "student login" button the system will prompt for your password. If adjustments needs to be made to your course plan before your advisor agrees to approve it, these can be made once you log in. Your advisor will then need to select the "finalize" button, which will appear once you've logged in, to complete the approval process. Once your plan has been finalized, the words "(Student Name) has been finalized" will appear in the left-hand corner of the course plan and the "finalize" button will disappear. Once a course plan has been finalized, no additional planning may be done unless the advisor clicks the "unfinalize" button.

    Advisors can approve or re-approve plans for students returning to Wesleyan without a face to face meeting and do NOT need the student's password.

  • When will the scheduling program be run?

    The scheduling program will be run after the planning period, during the pre-scheduling period.  Please click here for the most recent calendar of registration dates.

  • How do I find out which courses I got during the scheduling period?

    Once the scheduling program has completed, students and their advisors will be able to view their schedules before the adjustment period begins. 

    Courses that weren't scheduled during the scheduling period will appear under "Courses Not Scheduled" in the course plan. Once students have been assigned a date to begin adjusting their schedule, this information will appear above the course plan. After the scheduling program has run and before adjustment has opened for a student, the student can add to, delete, or re-order the courses that appear under "Courses Not Scheduled" in preparation for adjustment.

  • How do I adjust my schedule?

    The adjustment period will open in a staggered fashion. Students who were assigned to one or fewer credits during pre-scheduling are granted access on the first day, two or fewer credits during scheduling are granted access on the second day, students who were assigned to three credits or less are granted access on the third day, and the remaining students (who were assigned to more than three credits) are granted access on the fourth day of the adjustment period.

    Once the adjustment period has been opened for you, you will be able to add courses to your schedule by navigating to the pre-registration system and clicking the "Add to My Courses" button in WesMaps. If a seat is now available in a course that appears under "Courses Not Scheduled" an "Enroll" button will appear below the course. You can simply click the "Enroll" button to be added to the course. The system will check to make sure that a seat is available, that there is not a time conflict, that you are not already enrolled in 4 full-credit courses, and that you have met the necessary prerequisites/have the permission of the instructor and have not been excluded from the course. To drop a course, simply select the "drop" box next to the course. 

  • Will my advisor have to approve any adjustments I make?

    Your advisor should approve any individual adds or drops you make during the adjustment period. You do not need to meet with your advisor during the adjustment period, unless the course you have attempted to add or drop has a "See Advisor" next to it. This means that your advisor has reviewed your adjustments and needs to discuss your schedule with you before approving it. You will not be removed from a course if the status is still pending by the end of pre-registration. Advisors may resume approving course enrollments when drop/add opens.

  • I want to register for more than four credits. Is that possible during pre-registration?

    You are allowed to register for four full-credit courses. You may add additional partial credit classes (such as labs or PHED courses). If you need to enroll in additional courses beyond the four full-credit maximum, you may add those courses during the Drop/Add period next semester. Private Music Lessons (MUSC405 or MUSC406) do not count towards the full-credit limit.

  • I want to enroll in more than one section of a course. Is that possible during pre-registration?

    With the exception of physical education courses, for which you may enroll in multiple sections as long as each section is in a different quarter, you may only be enrolled in one section of a course during pre-registration. If you wish to enroll in multiple sections of a course (such as private music lessons), you will need to do so during the drop/add period. 

  • I am a graduate student and would like to pre-register for classes. Why can't I access the planning system?

    Graduate students pre-register for classes only during Adjustment. Graduate students can contact Barbara Schukoske, Assistant to the Director of Graduate Student Services, at x2224 if they have questions about the course registration process.