• Academic History
    Students' course schedules will begin to appear in their Academic History in WesPortal after the adjustment period ends.
  • Adjustment Activity

    During Adjustment, students can:

    • enroll in available courses
    • drop scheduled courses
    • designate up to 4 ranked Drop/Add enrollment requests
    • change grading modes, crosslistings, and GenEd designations for appropriate courses
  • Adjustment Preparation
    Students should access the adjustment system before their official adjustment time to prepare. Since adjustment is in real time, it is important for students to take the time now to search WesMaps for courses to add to their "not scheduled" list. Students who wait to find courses risk losing available seats to other students.
  • Adjustment Start Times

    Students are assigned an adjustment start time based on how many full credit courses they received. The adjustment start date/time is visible on the pre-registration page after scheduling runs. Students with fewer credits will begin earlier than those who received more.

    • Day after Scheduling-- 8am --- Undergraduates scheduled into less than 2 full credit courses
    • Day after Scheduling --- 12pm --- Graduate and BLS students
    • Two Days after Scheduling --- 8am --- Undergraduates scheduled into 2 full credit courses
    • Three Days after Scheduling --- 8am --- Undergraduates scheduled into 3 full credit courses
    • Monday after Scheduling --- 8am --- Undergraduates scheduled into 4 full credit courses
  • Advisor Approval

    All course adjustments (adds and drops) by a student require approval from the student's faculty advisor. All adjustments are approved electronically. A face-to-face meeting or communication between student and advisor are not required unless the advisor places a "See Me" status on the course transaction.

    "See Me" transactions can only be changed to "advisor approved" or "advisor denied" by the advisor that originally marked the course as "See Me."

    At the conclusion of Adjustment, all "advisor pending" transactions will be automatically transferred to the Drop/Add system as "advisor pending." Advisors can then take action when Drop/Add opens.

  • Class Lists & Enrollment Request Lists

    Instructors will be able to view class lists and enrollment requests lists after the scheduling process is complete. No action can be taken until Drop/Add opens.

  • Ranked Drop/Add Enrollment Requests
    During Adjustment, students can submit up to 4 ranked drop/add enrollment requests for "Courses Not Scheduled." Instructors can take action on these requests during Drop/Add and may give preference based on the ranking.
  • Students with Multiple Advisors

    Approval is only needed from one advisor, but all of a student’s advisors will receive notification when the advisee has added or dropped a course, and any advisor can approve the change. However, only the advisor who places a "See Me" status on a course will subsequently be able to approve or deny the request.

  • Study Abroad Students

    In general, students intending to study abroad are eligible to participate in pre-reg, so they can create a backup schedule in case their plans change. If a student wants to be de-activated for pre-reg, please contact the Registrar's Office.

  • Tutorial Course Registration

    Course registration for tutorials will occur during Drop/Add.

  • WesMaps Search

    Students are strongly encouraged to use the WesMaps Search feature to identify available courses.

    Useful criteria includes (but is not limited to):

    • Courses that fulfill a Major Requirement
    • General Education
    • Class Year
    • Only show courses without PreReqs
    • Only show courses without POI
    • Only show courses with Seats Available
  • 4 Full Credit Course Limit

    All students are bound to a limit of 4 full credit courses during pre-registration. Students can enroll in more than 4 courses and students can enroll in more than 4 credits. However, students can only enroll in up to 4 courses that are each at least one credit.

    Note that Private Music Lessons (MUSC405 and MUSC406) do NOT count towards the full credit course limit.

    This limit can only be raised during Drop/Add at the discretion of the student's faculty advisor.