Please note our office will close at noon on Fridays from June 9 through August 4.


  • Do I or my advisor need to take action if my latest course enrollment exceeds my credit limit?

    YES. If you have a legitimate pedagogical reason to exceed the four credit limit, you must request a credit limit increase from your advisor. Credit limits can be increased starting on the first day of the semester. Once you are offered a seat in the fifth course, you will have to either drop a course you are already enrolled in or seek a credit limit increase. If you do not resolve this conflict by five o'clock of the next business day, the nightly process will return the fifth course's seat to the instructor.

  • Do I need to attend the first class meeting of a course that I am already enrolled in?

    The Educational Policy Committee of the Faculty has determined that unless registered students attend the first class meeting or communicate directly with the instructor prior to the first class (in writing, by email or in person), the instructor can drop a student from his/her class list. Full text of the EPC Statement is available here.

  • Do I need to submit a Drop/Add enrollment request if I submitted a POI/PreReq request during Pre-Registration?

    YES. If you submitted a POI/Pre-Requisite request, but did NOT enroll in the course, you must now submit a Drop/Add enrollment request. Please note that this is true even if the instructor had previously approved your request.

  • Can I participate in Drop/Add if I have a hold?

    YES, you are permitted to participate in Drop/Add while holds get resolved.

  • Can I submit an enrollment request for a course that I dropped?

    YES, however the system will force you to wait until the next business day. You are encouraged to email the instructor to explain the situation.

  • How can I reach the registration help line?

    The registration help line will be open each semester from the time that the drop/add system opens until it ends, during normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. The phone number of the registration help line is x3222, or (860) 685-3222 if you are dialing from off-campus. Please leave a detailed message if we are unable to answer, and we'd be glad to get back to you as soon as possible.

    In addition to contacting the registration help line, graduate students can contact Barbara Schukoske, Assistant to the Director of Graduate Student Services, at x2224 if they have questions.

  • If I create an enrollment request for a course and a space becomes available, will I automatically get a seat?

    NO, the instructor of the course will decide who is admitted to the course by adding the student to the class list electronically.

  • When will I be able to add ranked enrollment requests?

    Students will only be able to add four ranked enrollment requests during pre-registration.  Enrollment request choices should be discussed with the student's advisor. Ranked enrollment requests submitted during pre-registration will automatically appear in the student's drop/add web page and as an addendum to the instructor's class list in WesPortal once drop/add opens.

  • What if I want to add more than four enrollment requests?

    Once drop/add opens, students will be able to submit additional unranked requests using the electronic drop/add system. Students will be able to submit up to 6 unranked courses as drop/add requests. There is no limit to the number of sections of each course that can be ranked.

  • How do I access drop/add?

    Log in to your WesPoral.  If you have just returned to campus for the semester, make sure that you have clicked the ENROLL ME button under "Enrollment Checklist & Addresses" which is located under "My Information."  You must be officially enrolled in the University before you can participate in Drop/Add.  Then navigate to the Drop/Add link under Courses. The Drop/Add pages will only be available during the drop/add period.

  • How do I add an unranked enrollment request during drop/add?

    Once you have logged into your WesPortal and navigated to drop/add, you may search for a course in the WesMaps frame using the various search capabilities available under "Course Search", including "Only Show Courses With Seats Available".  Click "Add to my Enrollment Requests" on the course page. The instructor must accept your add request and your advisor must then approve the add. 

  • How do I know if the instructor has added me to the class?

    If the instructor adds you to the class, the class will move from your “Pending Enrollment Requests” to your “Drop/Add transactions” (your in-process schedule), and you will see “Inst. Add” in the Status box.  

  • What will happen if the instructor does not add me to the class?

    If the instructor does not add you to the class, the request will remain in your “Pending Enrollment Requests” until you cancel it. 

  • How will I know when my advisor has approved my adds?

    If your advisor approves your add, you will see “Advisor Approved” in the status column next to the course, and it will become official and turn white in your “Drop/Add Transactions” schedule overnight.  If your advisor does not approve your add, you will see “Advisor Disapproved” in the status column, and the course will be deleted from your schedule.  Until your advisor takes an action, that column will say “Pending Advisor.”  If your advisor wants to discuss the add request, you will see “See advisor” in that column.

  • What happens if I try to add a course that is over my credit limit?

    If you are attempting to add a course that would put you over the credit limit (4 full-credit courses excluding tutorials and private lessons for undergraduates and 6 full-credit courses excluding tutorials and private lessons for graduate students), the course will appear in red in your pending enrollment requests.  You must drop another course or see your advisor about your credit limit by 5pm the next day or the course will be deleted from your schedule. Advisors can increase credit limits starting on the first day of the semester.

  • How do I drop a course?

    To drop a course, check the “drop” box in the column next to the course and click the “Drop Course” button. The instructor does not need to approve your drop. If your advisor disapproves your drop, you, your advisor, and the instructor will need to explore the possibility of your being readmitted to the class.

  • How do I change the grading mode or cross-listing for a course?

    If the course has a "student option" grading mode and you would like to change the grading mode or you would like to switch the cross-listing, you must do this through the Drop/Add system.  Courses that allow for this type of change will have a drop-down selection in the schedule or enrollment request list.  Select the new grading mode or cross-listing from the drop-down menu.  If you are changing the cross-listing for a course that is appearing in your schedule (as opposed to an enrollment request), once drop/add transactions have been processed it will appear as though you have dropped the old cross-listing and added the course again with the new cross-listing.  If a drop-down menu does not appear in the cross-listing or grading mode column, this means that the course is not cross-listed or only has one grading mode. Crosslisting may only be changed through the end of the drop/add period.  In courses in which students have a choice of grading mode, the final choice must be made no later than fourteen days after the drop/add period ends.

  • Is there a restriction on the kind of classes I can submit enrollment requests for?

    The only courses that are NOT part of the WesPortal drop/add system are student forums and teaching apprentice tutorials. Student forums are done via paper through the student leader. TA tutorials are done through WesPortal > Courses > Teaching Apprentice Tutorial.

  • Will the drop/add system check to make sure that I have met the course prerequisites?

    When you add an enrollment request, the drop/add system will check your academic history to see if you have met the prerequisites for the course.  An indication of whether you have met the prerequisites or not will appear in a column in your enrollment request list.  This is informational only, to assist the faculty member in making a decision about whether to allow you into the course.  Please note that if you submitted a prerequisite override form during online registration, the drop/add system will not indicate that you received an override.

  • Are faculty members required to use enrollment requests to determine who should be allowed into the course?

    Students are encouraged to make use of electronic enrollment requests to express interest in a seat in a class that is full.  Instructors will consult electronic enrollment requests to determine a student’s eligibility when a seat becomes available.  Students should remember that instructors will consider a variety of factors (e.g., class year, major and student interest) when offering a student a seat in the class.  

  • Do I need to attend the first class meeting of a class that I have added as an enrollment request?

    Whereas, students are required to attend the first meeting of a class for which they have registered, attendance at the first meeting of an electronically requested class is not required in order to maintain the enrollment request.  


  • I'm a TA this semester. How do I add a Teaching Apprentice tutorial (491 or 492) to my schedule?

    Students who have been approved as teaching apprentices (491 or 492) will need to accept the assignment in their WesPortal. You may view the request in WesPortal > Courses > Teaching Apprentice Tutorial In order to accept the teaching apprenticeship, click on the Course ID, select "yes" in the student decision box, and hit the submit button.  If you have specific questions about your teaching apprenticeship, please send an email to