Information for May 2024 Diploma Pickup for Undergraduate Students


Within the first month of each semester, students need to confirm the accuracy of their course schedule. Students are being asked to review and confirm their schedules to ensure that we have the most accurate class lists available.

Questions can directed to the Registrar's Office.

  • Advisor Access

    Advisors can review an advisee's Class Schedule via WesPortal>Academics>Academic Toolbox>Advisees>Classes>Schedule.

  • Advisor Pending Enrollments
    If a course enrollment is "Advisor Pending" or "Advisor See Me," the advisor can take action through the end of Drop/Add via WesPortal>Academics>Academic Toolbox>Advisees>Classes>Schedule.
  • Crosslisting & GenEd Designations
    REMINDER: Crosslisting and General Education Designations changes are due before the end of the Drop/Add period. They cannot be changed after the Drop/Add deadline.
  • Confirming/Unconfirming a Schedule

    Once a schedule is confirmed during drop/add:

    • no additional requests can be submitted,
    • any pending requests can no longer be approved by the professors, and
    • enrolled courses cannot be dropped.

    If additional changes are required, a student can un-confirm their schedule during drop/add.

    • These changes are dynamic.

    If a student has reached the maximum number of drop/add requests and/or has confirmed their schedule, during drop/add the student can still:

    • submit tutorial requests
    • cancel requests
    • change crosslistings
    • change grading modes
    • change GenEd designations in the rare case of a course with a Dual GenEd

  • Grading Mode Changes

    Students enrolled in a non-tutorial course with a "Student Option" grading mode can change the selected grading mode up to 14-days past the end of Drop/Add via WesPortal>Courses>Class Schedule.

  • Instructor Class Lists

    Instructors can review their class lists via WesPortal>Academics>Academic Toolbox>Advisees>Course Management>Class Enrollment.

  • Petition Process
    Those who indicate that their schedule is incorrect will be given information about the petition process.
  • Pre-Registration Eligibility
    Currently enrolled undergraduate students who fail to confirm their schedule will not be permitted to participate in the planning phase for the next semester's Pre-Registration.
  • Schedule is Correct
    Students should click on "Schedule is Correct" if all of the course information is accurate.
  • Schedule is Incorrect

    If the schedule is not correct (for example, a course is missing from your schedule or an additional course is appearing), students should click on "Schedule is Incorrect" and follow the instructions regarding the petition process.

    Later, if the petition is successful and the schedule is corrected, the student should return to the schedule page and click "Schedule is Correct."

    The schedule confirmation buttons will remain on the page until the student has resolved all issues and clicked the "Schedule is Correct" button.

  • Student Access
    Students need to confirm the accuracy of their schedule via WesPortal>Courses>Class Schedule. Students are required to confirm that their course schedules as either correct or incorrect.
  • Student Deadline

    Students are being asked to review and confirm their schedules within 14 days following the end of drop/add.

    The sooner students let the Class Deans' know about problems with their schedule, the sooner the issues can be resolved.

  • Study Abroad Students
    Schedule Confirmation is only applicable to students enrolled in classes in Middletown.