Information for May 2024 Diploma Pickup for Undergraduate Students

Pre-Registration Process

During pre-registration students may enroll in no more than 4 full-credit courses (excluding private music lessons and partial-credit courses). Pre-Registration takes place during late-October/November and late-March/April, for the next semester, for students who are on-campus and returning from non-resident study and leave. Pre-Registration during January and over the summer, involves new students and students returning from a leave of absence not eligible for the previous pre-registration period. Students may then continue to adjust their course schedules during the second phase of Wesleyan's course registration process, the in-semester drop/add period.

Pre-Registration in Fall/Spring

Pre-Registration has three distinct phases: planning, scheduling, and adjustment. Students use the planning period to identify courses that they have an interest in and to build a course plan, which their advisors must approve. Students on-campus must meet with their advisors during the planning period to discuss their course plan. During the scheduling period, the pre-registration system assigns classes based on a variety of criteria including class standing, major preference, seat availability, the number of times the student has previously requested the course, and whether the student has met the pre-requisites or has the permission of the instructor. Once the program has completed, students and their advisors are given an opportunity to view their schedules before the adjustment period begins. The adjustment period allows students to alter their schedules and to submit ranked drop/add requests.

The adjustment period will open to students in a staggered order based on the number of credits they were enrolled in during the scheduling process. Undergraduate students who were assigned to one or fewer credits  are granted access on the first day, two or fewer credits during scheduling are granted access on the second day, students who were assigned to three credits or less are granted access on the third day, and the remaining students (who were assigned to more than three credits) are granted access on the fourth day of the adjustment period. Graduate students gain access at noon on the first day of adjustment. Advisors must approve individual drops and adds during the adjustment period.

Pre-Registration in January

In January, new and returning students (who did not participate in pre-reg the previous fall), will have access to the adjustment phase of pre-registration. They can participate in adjustment preparation and the live adjustment period. All students eligible to participate in January will have access to the live adjustment period at the same time.

Guides to Pre-Registration

Important Notes

Please direct inquiries concerning pre-registration to the Registrar's Office.